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Rasasastra is the ancient branch of wisdom which explains the theory and practise of chemotherapeutics in Ayurveda. It is the sharp tool of Ayurvedic Physician to tackle acute and complicated diseases. Wherever the herbal therapy is handicapped to deal the situation there the Rasa drugs can be administrated with success and safety. The latest research coming up in the modern pharmaceutical field is pinpointing the importance of metal to be involved in drug design. The thought of boosting the effect of Antibiotics with silver ‘nano’ particle is an example for that.
Logic use of Rasa drugs is very safe and effective as far as our trials in the clinics are concerned. The big hurdle in this area is to get genuine drugs which are prepared with caution and experience. The Rasa drugs coming from “Sidheswara drugs “ensure the safety and efficacy as it is delivered from the house of experience of generations Nechiyil; the traditional school of Kerala where Sidha and Ayurveda were being practised in combined form.
For accurate and easy dispensing single dose packs of each product are available. Adult Dosage are described with indication and antidotes in the over leaves. Please reduce the dose to half if it is given for a child of age 12 years or below. Age group coming under four years or low should be treated with quarter of the said dosage. Any of the Bhasma can be used in combination according to the disease; half of the doses of each Bhasmas are enough in such combinations. The Ayurvedic formulations like Swarasa, Churna, Avaleham etc useful for the particular diseases can be used as Medias of Bhasmas and Sindooras. Honey, Milk, Butter and Ghee are the best Medias which enhance the bioavailability of the drug. To get more information of the combination and administration reference of the texts Rasa tarangini, Bhaishajya ratnavali will be helpful.
Classical diet restrictions mentioned for each disease might be enough while giving these Rasa drugs generally. The mercurial if administrating with high dose or for a long period “Ka” Varga should be avoided.
We are humble to be with you to offer these effective tools to boost your classical Ayurvedic clinical practise. Don’t hesitate to contact any of our fellows to get more details about our drugs.
Thanking you for your patronage and wish to extend it for the bright future of Ayurveda.

With warm regards
Prof & Dr. Sasikumar Nechiyil. M.D (Ay.)
Sidheswara drugs

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